About Us

Shamsan Group, based in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), started in 1954 and was among the first few companies registered in Saudi Arabia as an importer and trader.

The Group has expanded under a policy designed to provide the best products and services to its growing clients.

The group started its industrial division in 1983, currently known as Shamsan industrial group, and now has 3 major manufacturing companies:

The Lucky Baby Company (L.B.C.): it produces consumer hygienic products such as baby diapers, Feminine Napkins, disabled and elderly diapers, maternity pads, hygienic bedspreads for hospitals and other products.

Paper Products Company: A major producer of hygienic paper of all kinds and a producer of Georgia Pacific (Lotus, Okay, and Moltonel). The product range includes Facial Tissues, Kitchen Rolls, Pocket Tissues, Maxi Rolls and Hospital Examination Rolls.

Arabian Consumer Products: The Company produces food preservation products such as aluminum foil and plastic food packaging rolls for household, restaurants and catering companies. The company also produces Babies Wet Wipes.

Shamsan Group is owned and managed by a professional management team with clear strategy of growth to become one of the leading Saudi Companies.

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