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Abdullah Shamsan Industrial Group provides its clients with several products of high quality and competitive prices that have made it more prevalent to go beyond the borders and reach Arabian Gulf countries.

Group products are divided into three categories: hygienic products, paper products, and consumer products.

First: hygienic products:

This category includes the following:

- Baby Diapers (Baby Care, Cute Baby, Sweet Kids(

All diapers are characterized by strong and easy to control side stickers, super absorption ability, improved edges that prevent leakage, and having containment substances that block wetness and protect the child against allergies to maintain dryness and softness for a longer period. Furthermore, since they are available in economic packages, they add more value for the family. They are available in different sizes to suit all ages and stages of your child's growth. We designed them to meticulously contain the shape of child’s pelvis, waist and thigh, leaving no spaces to protect him from leakage.

 - Elderly and disabled diapers (Lotus, Drytex, Harmony, Eurocare(

Elderly and disabled diapers are very carefully designed to meet the conditions of physically and mentally disabled people. They are comfortable, fast absorbing and highly efficient in absorbing the largest amount of urination without leaking.

These diapers are designed with high absorbency as they are composed of twill that contains a very special type of absorbent powder (chemical powder) which neither touch the skin surface nor leave an impact. Also, it is covered at the top with soft fabric that is touching the skin and at the bottom with a plastic chip to prevent leakage.

They also have suitable and comfortable shape that takes the shape of the waist and thighs to prevent any leakage. The materials that are touching the skin are healthy, leave no side effects, and designed in a way that they do not rupture, pellet or distort by the patient's weight as they have high durability.

Users of elderly and disabled diapers can do their work naturally and move normally as they do not affect the user. This is what made (Lotus) diapers one of the pioneers in the market and increasingly in demand.

-Maternity Pads (Lotus, Drytex and Harmony)

These pads were designed for comfortable performance and high durability. Woman can move and work freely as they contain a sticky substance that does not affect clothes. They contain materials which do not rupture under heavy loads, work and movement while maintaining their stability and consistency.

-Female Sanitary Napkins (Vania, Confidence, Drytex and Rosa(

These napkins have super-softness and strong absorption that result in having a normal life. They remain dry and prevent allergies so women enjoy a natural movement.

It is characterized by its thickness that provides comfort during movement. The upper surface, the layer in contact with the skin, is smooth.  Besides, the liquid enters to the diaper easily and quickly and dries within seconds by absorbent powder which provides a dry surface touching the skin. So the clean, dry and healthy twill protects the skin from any side effects.

- Under Pads (Lotus and Harmony(

Under Pads are manufactured with the highest specifications and the newest techniques for both types (normal and ultra) with absorbent granules which helps to absorb fluid and provide dry surface.

Second: paper products:

- Facial Tissues (Lotus, Asala, Fancy, Swan, Plaza, Rosa(

- Toilet Tissues (Lotus, Moltonel, Swan, Fancy, White, Rosa(   

- Maxi Rolls (Lotus, Fancy, Rosa)

- Hand Kerchiefs (Lotus, Fancy)

- Table napkins (Okay, Swan, White, Fancy, “special with restaurant logo”(

- C - Fold Hand Towels (Lotus, Fancy, Rosa)

All paper products are made up of high quality materials and have a high capacity of absorption.

Third: Consumer Products:

- Aluminum to preserve food (Okay, Domino, Fancy, Silver, Super, Rosa)

Aluminum foil film for food packing, is designed to pack fresh, cooked, roasted or fried food, in addition to food which has a high temperature. These films are suitable for keeping such food as they are resistant to chemical and thermal reactions and oxidation, so they will not be affected and the will not affect food.

- Cling Film for food wrapping (Okay, Top Wrap, Fancy, Rosa(

OKAY catering film is supplied in robust packs of larger lengths (up to 1500 meters) suitable for big kitchens and restaurants. It is economical and has multiple uses in shops, markets, restaurants and kitchens to cover and wrap food, vegetables, fruits and meat.

Okay Wrapping products are the best in the market.


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