The baby sleeps most of day hours except for feeding times. Most children behaviors are reactions: he sucks his lips when feeling hungry, and catches a finger when his mother put it in his palm. It is not common for a child to express his feelings, but he smiles sometimes unconsciously.
High temperature

It is not easy to keep calm when the temperature of your child rises and he starts to cry, but the high temperature is rarely harmful. It is just a part of your child's resistance to infection and diseases.


However, high temperature may be more dangerous if your child is less than six months. To some extent, such a rise in children temperature is not considered normal, and it can be an indicator of a problem. Call your doctor immediately if:

- Your child did not complete three months of age and his temperature is 38 Celsius degrees or more.

- Your child did not reach six months and his temperature is 39 Celsius degrees or more.

If your child is more than six months, the high temperature or the time spent in fever does not always determine severity of his illness. You can rely on your instinct to estimate the severity of your child illness as much as you rely on the measurement of his temperature. However, using thermometer may be useful to find out the normal temperature for your child.